Lower-Carb Lovin in the Morning

Lower-carb lattes?

Uh huh! And in vanilla and caramelflavors to boot.

Caribou Coffee Company ofMinneapolis, Minnesota, hasintroduced a new lineof lower-carb and lower-calorielattes.

Called Skinny’Bou, thenew line is now available inCaribou Coffee stores.Sweetened with Splenda,the drinks contain only 80calories and 7 grams ofcarbohydrate.

Caribou Coffee Company isthe nation’s second largestspecialty coffee company,with more than 250 storesmostly in the Midwest andEast Coast.

For more information, log onto www.cariboucoffee.com.

  • Calories in a Regular caramel latte: 220
  • Calories in a Skinny’Bou caramel latte: 80
  • Carbs in a Regular vanilla or caramel latte: 33 grams
  • Carbs in a Skinny’Bou low-carb latte: 8 grams

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