Low Glycemic Diet Fights Pimples

A low glycemic diet is sometimes advised for people with diabetes because itraises blood sugar slowly and reduces blood sugar spikes. Well, now Australiandermatologists have found that it clears up your skin as well.

After twelve weeks on a low-glycemic diet, about twenty pimple-riddled youngmen had 22 fewer acne lesions than when they started. A control group only hadabout fourteen fewer acne lesions.

The low-glycemic group also lost weight, became more sensitive to insulin, andhad reduced levels of the male sex hormone androgen. The researchers, reportingin the August 2006 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, weren't sureif the pimple-fighting effects of the diet were due to better insulinsensitivity, weight loss, or both. High levels of insulin are thought tocontribute to acne.

Source: Reuters

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