Low Carb Vegetarian Diet Works for Australian Type 1 Family

I am writing to share my experience with a low carbohydrate diet tailored tomeet our needs as vegetarians. We have two people with type 1 diabetes in ourfamily, and we have been vegetarians for over fifteen years.

Animal rights is an issue close to my heart. I don't eat meat or fish. Myhusband eats fish occasionally, and we do consume free-range eggs, rennet-freecheese, cow's milk, and soya milk. To reduce carbohydrate intake, we avoidstarchy foods like potatoes and pasta. We eat lots of green vegetables andfoods rich in good fats, such as avocadoes, peanuts, and olive oil. Tofu andbeans are important ingredients in our cooking because they are good sources ofprotein and very satisfying.

We have found that this low-carb vegetarian combination of foods is very helpfulin our diabetes control and management. Over the years it has improved ourhealth and helped us lose excess weight.

Liz Glover Melbourne,

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