Lose 97 Pounds and Control Your Type 2 Diabetes

Have you had type 2 diabetes for less than five years? Do you want to lose approximately 30 percent of your body weight?

In fact, do you want to completely control your type 2?

Researchers in Pennsylvania and Minnesota report that gastric bypass surgery may be the solution, at least in some cases.

The study included 191 people with type 2 who weighed an average of 308 pounds. All underwent laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery.

Four years after the surgery, the participants had and average weight loss of 97 pounds. in addition:

  • Fasting plasma glucose and A1C levels returned to normal in 83 percent of participants.
  • Use of oral diabetes medications and insulin was reduced

Participants who had type 2 for less than five years and who had been controlled by diet alone stood the best chance of losing large amounts of weight and having their type 2 symptoms resolved.

Annals of Surgery, October 2003

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