Long-Time Diabetes A Risk Factor For Renal Failure

A study was conducted by the School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland to determine the proportion of end-stage renal failure in people with diabetes.

The researchers studied 716 newly-treated patients, aged 20-64, with kidney failure. They also selected 361 age-matched controls.

It was found that the risk of end-stage renal failure was only slightly increased for diabetes lasting less than 15 years, but the ratio increased more than 20-fold for diabetes lasting more than 15 years.

The people with diabetes (both type I and II) had a 42 percent chance of developing kidney failure. Type I diabetes, however, played a greater role in kidney failure among the Caucasian subjects, and type 2 played a greater role among the African-Americans in the study.

The researchers concluded that the prevention of end-stage renal failure in both types of diabetes requires increased attention from doctors to laboratory and clinical research reports.

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