Living With Type 2 Diabetes: Januvia Is A Better Option

Those diagnosed with diabetes before 2011 have likely experienced the debilitating effects of Metformin. The churning stomach, horrendous gas, and the overall feeling of sickness makes you wonder if the pain is worth the reward. Things got so bad for me that I stopped taking the medicine due to the uncomfortable side effects. As far as I am concerned, Metformin should be banned.

Well, there’s a better option to Metformin and for me, it is called Januvia. To lower my glucose to a more acceptable level, I was given a trial prescription of Januvia and found it to be a much gentler and pleasant medication. I was a little skeptical as to Januvia’s ability to rapidly lower my glucose, but the doctor said, “Oh, it’ll lower it” and she did not lie. Immediately after taking it, along with my daily dose of cinnamon, my glucometer would read between 90 and 100 for a fasting number. These results were achieved with me continuing to eat sugar and carbs. Even after eating a full course meal, my numbers would read under 180. Seeing this, I wondered if I had found my wonder drug.

While I have relied heavily on herbal medicine to control my diabetes in the past, I’d have no problems switching to Januvia as I am convinced that the glucose lowering power of this little pill is a much better choice than Metformin.




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