Living With Type 2 Diabetes: Hunting Down Diabetes

Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the things that you love in life. My love happens to be hunting and over the past few years, I‘ve learned how to use hunting to manage my diabetes.

While there are many types of hunting, I’ve found that upland bird hunts work perfectly for improving my wing shooting skills and burning calories. Unlike sedentary hunts, such as turkey or deer hunting where the name of the game is sitting still, upland bird hunting requires a lot of walking. While I haven’t used a FitBit to measure my steps on a hunt, I would estimate that that you could easily walk two miles or more covering a field in search of pheasants or quail. While it’s true that some upland bird hunts are done via mule-drawn wagons, I’m convinced that the best way to do a hunt is to let your feet be your transportation.

Sure the pace will be stop-and-go as you wait for the dogs to go on point or to retrieve a downed bird but over the course of a day’s hunt that is often conducted over uneven and sometimes cross-country terrain, you’re guaranteed to get your miles in and carbs out.

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