Living With Type 1 Diabetes: A Poem

Insulin, shots, meter, blood
Emotions are about to flood
DKA – Hospital stay
I just don’t know what to say

So, sugars are a running high  
And toxins building up, oh my!
They put me in a hospital bed
And flushed my body with fluid

They tell me that I’ve got Type 1
With finger pricks, it is no fun
I have to have four shots a day
And count food carbs – the only way

The honeymoon is at an end
No islet cell to call a friend
My pancreas no longer makes
The insulin for cells it takes

Short acting, long acting, pen and pump
These are ways to help my slump
Lots of tools they have today
To manage the disease, my way

And for the times when I go low
Smarties I will always stow
I take with me everything I need
and wear my medic alert indeed

Needles, doctors, glucose tests
logbooks, ketones — all are pests
There is so much that I hate
But I can think of a much worse fate

I’m thankful that I live today
For in the past, I’d pass away
I’ll count my blessings and take good care
The better my number, the better I’ll fair

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