Living Well Program in Vermont Promotes Healthy Weight Loss for Type 2s

The following is a Q&A with Judith Waldrop, who participated in Living Well, a week-long residential program designed for women with type 2 diabetes. The program is a joint effort of the healthy weight loss pioneers at Green Mountain at Fox Run and the Joslin Diabetes Center. This year, Living Well will take place April 19-25, 2009. 

There’s a $500 discount if you book the April program. There are also two more diabetes weeks scheduled this year, September 20-26 and November 8-14, 2009.

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About Green Mountain at Fox Run

Green Mountain at Fox Run is a healthy weight loss and healthy living retreat for women only in Ludlow, Vermont. It was founded almost four decades ago by Thelma J. Wayler, RD, a woman with a pioneering vision of what it takes for women to reach healthy weights and stay there without obsessing over eating and exercise.  Over the years, they’ve worked with thousands of women who have come to understand that living well is more than a number on a scale and whose lives have improved immeasurably as a result. They offer a comprehensive program to help women-many of whom have type 2 diabetes or who are at risk for it-learn to eat well while enjoying foods they love, find the pleasure in physical activity, and begin to feel better about their bodies and themselves, with the goal of promoting their optimal health.

Interview with participant, Judith Waldrop

What were you hoping to learn before you came to Green Mountain’s Living Well with Diabetes program?
I didn’t have any particular goal. I’ve been a diabetic for 24 years and I
try to take advantage of classes, books, meetings, whatever I have time for. I find I always learn something.

Did your stay in Vermont change your attitude about having type 2 diabetes?
I always get re-energized to tackle my health problems when I go to Green Mountain.

What were some of the most helpful workshops or programs for you?
I always need to be reminded about portion size and counting carbs. I also like to hear the medical perspective, because that is not easy to understand, even when you’ve been a diabetic for forever.

Would you recommend this program to other women with diabetes or pre-diabetes?
Yes, I would recommend it. Most of us don’t understand enough about how our bodies work and what can be accomplished. There is so much confusion about sugars and carbohydrates. And most of us don’t realize how strong we really are. When you go through the Green Mountain program, you come home feeling like you can do anything.

What was it like meeting other women that struggle with the same issues?
I love the women at Green Mountain. They are usually very interesting. These days, there is nothing rare about meeting other diabetic women at work or in the neighborhood. I counted 11 other diabetic women working in the same area that I do on my job. We tried meeting, but it was always too much bother. But we know about each other and try to watch out for each other. The difference at Green Mountain is that we’re more relaxed and have more time to talk, which is good.

What were some of the changes that you noticed in your body and your attitude while you were here?
My doctors really appreciate how stable my weight has been. I have really become healthier over the years: stronger, less pain, more energy. I have to give Green Mountain a lot of credit for that.

Is there anything else about your experience you’d like to share with other women who might be considering the program?
I don’t think doctors are very good about helping us cope with the whole range of ways that this illness affects you — especially when they are not diabetes specialists. Even the specialists don’t have the time to tell you everything that you need to know, let alone those things that at least make your life a little more fun. Green Mountain affords the opportunity to lean more about what you need to be healthier and happier. You learn to eat better and you take home fun recipes. And you see people that are much worse off than yourself and you get your problems in perspective. A more confident person returns home.

Call 1-800-448-8106 to book your spot for the Living Well program, April 19-25, 2009. 

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