Lite For Life: A Weight-Loss Program Founded on Blood Sugar Control

There are plenty of corporate weight-loss programs around, but LiteFor Life is a weight loss program with a difference: Its philosophyis based upon the work of Seale Harris, a diabetes pioneer whodiscovered hyperinsulinism (excess secretion of insulin related toinsulin resistance) in 1924.

Using food as his only medicine, Harrisdeveloped a diet to help his patients control their insulin levelsand their weight by eating to achieve stable blood sugar.

Lite For Life founder, certified nutritionist Maureen Sullivan,learned about blood sugar control while married to a man with type 1diabetes. She discovered Seale Harris's principles in the late1970s, while struggling with her own weight, and used them as thecornerstone of her diet philosophy.

According to the companywebsite, she believes "that blood sugar management is for everyone,not just for diabetics or those threatened with diabetes; thatlearning nutritional blood sugar management techniques is withinreach of everyone; and that eating for stable blood sugar can beenjoyable in and of itself."

There are ten Life For Life locations in Northern California, butthe company expects to have 250 franchises by 2010. (If you want tobuy a franchise, it'll cost you between about $80,000 and $198,000.)Each location features an on-site Lite Food Market, a miniaturehealth food store where you can make wiser grocery choices than youmight at Costco.

For about four hundred dollars you can join the programfor eight weeks, during which you may see your counselor as often asyou like. Clients reportedly lose fifteen to twenty pounds over theeight-week period. For more information, see the company website

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