Lipo Removes Fat But Not Type 2

Liposuction may suck fat from your bodyand take off pounds, but don’t expect it toimprove your type 2 diabetes.

Researchers at Washington State UniversitySchool of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri,write that abdominal liposuction “. . . doesnot significantly improve obesity-associatedmetabolic abnormalities.”

The effect of abdominal liposuction on riskfactors for coronary heart disease in womenwith abdominal obesity was observed in 15obese women before and 10 to 12 weeks afterliposuction. Eight of the women had normalglucose tolerance and seven had type 2 diabetes.

Liposuction decreased abdominal fat by 44percent in the subjects with normal glucosetolerance and 28 percent in those with diabetes.However, liposuction did not significantly alterthe insulin sensitivity of muscle, liver or adiposetissue; did not significantly alter inflammationmarkers; and did not significantly affect bloodpressure, plasma glucose, insulin, and lipidconcentrations in either group.

— New England Journal of Medicine

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