Lilly Writes Memorable Chapter in Insulin Pens

Lilly has launched Memoir, a sleek reusable insulin pen that looks like a classy Mont Blanc writing pen instead of a medical tool. The first insulin pen with a memory, it allows users to record and review their last 16 insulin doses, including the priming doses and the time of delivery. It uses Humalog and is available by prescription.

The Memoir could be just the ticket for people who give themselves an injection and then a while later can’t remember if they did it or if they just thought about doing it. Every additional bit of memory helps these days. The memory uses a lithium battery which should last three years.

In April, Lilly plans to launch another beautiful and brainy insulin pen, Luxura, that delivers from 1 to 30 units of Humalog in half-unit increments beginning after the first unit. This pen is expected to be useful to people who take small doses or perhaps for children.

View the Diabetes Health TV video about this new product.

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