Lifting Depression Lowers Blood Sugar

It’s well known that depression is not good for your sugar numbers and that alleviation of depression is accompanied by improved glucose control. The question has been whether the improvement is due to body weight reduction and better self-care, or whether it might be partially due to healing of the depression condition itself, independent of the aforementioned two factors.

In a study conducted to separate out these three elements, researchers from Missouri treated 93 patients with type 2 diabetes and major depression with an antidepressant.  Bupropion (Wellbutrin) was chosen because it is capable of reducing both weight and depression.

The researchers found that in the short term, patients achieved better A1cs based upon weight loss, improved mood, and better management of their diabetes. However, only improvement in mood predicted better blood sugar control in the long term. According to the researchers, this occurred via mood-related physiological factors independent of body weight changes and better self-care.

Reuters Health March 2007
Diabetes Care, March 2007

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