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Here is an overview of my work in the diabetes community (as recorded by Diabetes Health Staff Writer Stephanie Clark):

Nadia Al-Samarrie, Founder-Editor-in-Chief of Diabetes Health magazine, has selflessly dedicated her career to educating and informing patients and healthcare professionals for over 25 years. As one of the country’s most passionate diabetes advocates, Nadia has worked tirelessly to try and ensure that diabetes patients receive the support and education they need in order to properly manage their diabetes. 

She was not only born into a family with diabetes, but also married into one.  She was propelled at a young age into “caretaker mode,” and with her knowledge of the scarcity of resources, support, and understanding for people with diabetes, co-founded Diabetes Interview–now Diabetes Health magazine. 

Her passion for working in the diabetes community stemmed from her personal experience and loss. Her mother, brother and two grandmothers all passed away from diabetes complications.  She has used her experience as a caretaker to forge a career in helping others. 

Nadia’s first-hand experience regarding the scarcity of support, resources, and understanding for people living with diabetes is what propelled her into the diabetes industry.

Her education began at the University of Baghdad. She later earned a Bachelor of Science in International Business and Marketing from San Francisco State University. Throughout her studies, Nadia worked on enhancing her skills in mass communications by working as the marketing director for the local TV station on Channel 26. 

In 1990, Nadia and her former business partner began their career advocating for people with diabetes by opening a medical business in San Francisco called Sugar Happy Diabetes Supplies. Six months later, they began Diabetes on the Dial. A radio show, sponsored by LifeScan, a Johnson and Johnson company. Working as both the co-host and co-producer, Nadia used this outlet to continue to pursue her passion in educating and connecting people with diabetes across the country. 

Diabetes on the Dial featured interviews from world-class experts in the field of diabetes. Nadia received considerable attention from the diabetes community for her educational contributions. She worked to bridge the educational gap by putting diabetes specialists in touch with patients that were in need of a second opinion. As the demand for broadcast transcripts grew, a monthly publication called Diabetes Interview emerged to serve as a resource for people living with diabetes.

Now known as Diabetes Health, the publication reaches diabetes patients across the country by providing practical and educational health information. Nadia put all of her resources toward the development of the publication. Over 15 million copies have been produced and personally funded by Nadia and delivered at no cost to the healthcare professionals, who use her publication as an educational resource. Diabetes Health magazine can also be found in the Health Mart pharmacies.

Diabetes Health Has Received Several Impressive Nominations:

  • A nomination for “Best in Health” for Diabetes Health magazine by Western Publishers Association in 2003 and 2012
  • A nomination for “Best in Trade” for Diabetes Health Pharmacist digital magazine by the Western Publishers Association in 2013

Innovative Use of Technology

Nadia’s innovative use of technology; first in her industry to produce and deliver, digital magazines, online videos, apps for the iPhone, iPad, Amazon, and Google platforms, e-comics, and crossword puzzles, gives her an unrivaled reputation as an innovator and trend setter. She is known for being ahead of the curve in education delivery and scalability. She is one of the most well-respected, passionate advocate and premiere expert for the diabetes patient.

The Diabetes Health website launched in 2006, while Diabetes Health TV followed by going live in 2007.

She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and other major cable networks. Her publications, medical supply business and website have been sited, recognized and published in Herb Caen, WSJ, Ann Landers, Lee Iacocca, Entrepreneur magazine, Houston News,, Brand Week, Drug Topics and many other media outlets. 

Her dedication to improving the lives of people who are living with diabetes has made her one of the best resources for patients, healthcare providers, and pharmacies across the country. 

The diabetes community, national media outlets, and healthcare professionals have praised her contributions for improving the health of her readers by using her personal experience in writing articles on a variety of topics.  

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