LifeScan Upgrade Means Easier BG Data Download

LifeScan has upgraded its Windows-based software by introducing IN TOUCH Diabetes Management Software, Version 1.31. This new software, available for both the patient with diabetes and their health care provider, can download patient blood glucose data from any of LifeScan’s current consumer meters. This makes it easier for health care providers to manage many patients and help them better control their blood sugars.

According to Jeff Christensen of LifeScan’s marketing communications department, the new software allows a health care provider to create customized templates to meet the needs of specific patient types.

“For example, a physician could broaden the boundaries on the glucose target range of a newly diagnosed type 2 or tighten up the software setting for a type 1,” says Christensen.

The new software, compatible for IBM computers (486 processor or higher) and Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95/98/NT, enables users to view download results as either whole blood or plasma values, regardless of the meters the results came from. The new software can also download data from multiple meters into a single patient report. It is not Macintosh- compatible.

IN TOUCH Diabetes Management Software has a suggested retail value of $89.99. For ordering information, contact LifeScan at (800) 227-8862.

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