LifeScan Scheduled To Release New Meter

LifeScan will soon release a new, easier to use, blood glucose monitoring meter.

The new meter, called the SureStep, is specifically tailored to people just beginning to use meters, and people who have difficulty with meters due to medical complications.

The meter is newly designed test strips have a unique absorbent quality. This allows patients who have difficulty holding a test strip steady to be less precise when putting blood on the strip. Users can simply swab blood from a finger prick on to the strip, without the worry of ruining the test or getting the meter dirty. The strips show a blue dot on the back, letting the user know when enough blood has been applied.

The SureStep also features a large numeric display for people who have difficulty reading smaller displays.

The meter, scheduled to be released in June, retails for $62.95, but for a limited time a $30 manufacturer rebate and $20 trade-in allowance are offered by LifeScan. For more information contact LifeScan at (800) 227-8862 in the US, or (800) 663-5521 in Canada.

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