LifeScan Removes a Single Lot of Test Strips

In a January 20, 2004 letter, LifeScan informed its OneTouch Ultra Test Strip customers it was voluntarily removing a single lot of 50-Count OneTouch Ultra Test Strips.

The lot number of the affected test strips is #1022859.

“LifeScan has determined that the Control Solution Range was printed incorrectly on the vial label of one lot of 50-count OneTouch Ultra Test Strips sold in the United States,” wrote LifeScan. “The control solution range for these strips was incorrectly printed as 97-131 mg/dL (5.4-7.3 mmol/L) instead of the correct range of 111-150 mg/dL (6.2-8.3 mmol/L).”

No other OneTouch Ultra Test Strips or any other OneTouch products are affected by this action.

If you have any questions, call LifeScan’s toll-free 24-hour customer service line at (888) 849-7386.

* * *

Source: LifeScan, January 20, 2004 press release

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