LifeScan Launches Meterless Strips

The SmartStrip, a new meter-less strip has hit Canada. The strip manufactured by LifeScan, is about the size of a Band-aid and costs $5.00 (Canada) for a pack of five.

The strip works by placing a drop of blood on a small area on the back of the strip. A person then flips the strip over and waits about 90 seconds for results. When the timer dot on the top of the strip turns blue, users can then tell approximately how high their BGs are.

With the SmartStrip, Brenda Chaddock, diabetes educator and manager of the LifeScan Education Institute in Vancouver B.C., says “LifeScan hopes to reach the approximately 200,000 people in Canada who don’t test their BGs at home.” Chaddock also claims that the SmartStrip “is more accurate than other visual strips because of its wider range of measurement.”

LifeScan has not yet determined when the SmartStrip will be marketed in the United States.

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