Letters to the Editor

The Power Of Positivity

I am a dietitian working at a Diabetes Education and Care Program. I read your article in the August issue of DIABETES HEALTH.

I have been showing your positive article to some of my patients with diabetes and it encourages them to see you living well with diabetes. I look forward to reading other letters from you in Diabetes Health.

Keep up the good work and positive attitude!

Christine LeBlanc, RD
Sudbury, Ontario

Child’s Play

I am Chairperson of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania Chapter of ADA’s Parent Support Group. My 10-year-old son has had diabetes since he was six. I also do Health Fairs for ADA and our busy time of year is almost here.

I love your publication and frequently use articles published in DIABETES HEALTH for meetings of our group. In fact, we’re having a Super Nintendo Party featuring Captain Novolin at the end of this month- I read about this game in your publication.

Thanks again for the most objective publication I have ever read on the subject of diabetes. Also, please keep the articles on kids with diabetes coming.

Becky Berrier
Lancaster, PA

Shape Up!

It was enough of a disappointment to learn that I would get two issues at a time every other month, but now you make it even worse by sending my September/October issue, as I received them on October 25.

It’s a joke!

An issue received on October 25 should be a November issue!

Come on gang-shape up. Please change to a single monthly issue and send it in a timely fashion.

Lawrence E. Baier
Eden Prarie, MN

[Editor: We agree with you and understand that it can be a disappointment. It is very difficult to get out a publication in a timely fashion, and in the past we have sacrificed timeliness for quality. Other readers have said “we don’t care when it comes, just keep publishing it.” We are increasing our writing staff and hope to be more efficient in the next six months. Just as a reminder if at anytime you are unhappy with the publication, we do offer a money back guarantee. We do appreciate your continued support and you echo what we want for ourselves. We hope you will appreciate the good reading available in this issue, even though the dates don’t match your calender.]

No More Reactions!

I’m so happy to say that because of something that I read in a DIABETES HEALTH issue, I feel much better about insulin reactions. I’ve had about four extremely serious reactions. If it wasn’t for my family I wouldn’t be here today. I found out how Ultra insulin works and talked to my doctor about it. He prescribed it to me, and, ever since I’ve been using it, I haven’t had the early morning insulin reactions. I would like to thank everyone at DIABETES HEALTH for all the helpful information. Keep up the great work.

Hilda L. Rosa
Brooklyn, NY

The Best So Far

This is my twenty-first year as a diabetic and I think your publication is very important because of the breadth and diversity of the issues. DIABETES HEALTH has a wide spectrum of information that can be understood by the general public. It is a very usable piece of journalism. The September issue was the best issue you’ve done yet!

Evelyn Narad
Santa Rosa, CA

Thanks For Existing

Thank you for your very existence!

I am so grateful to have you now in my life.

(PS: I am presently testing the Advantage (page 4, June ’94) for 30 days for my doctor, and am also testing massage therapy in an attempt to improve my blood sugars. Let me know if you want any input.)

Mary Ann Joyce
Twinsburg, OH