Letter of the Week

This is a thank-you note for the article, “An Appeal to Insulin Manufacturers,” on page 27 of Diabetes Health (Feb/March 2008). In the 10 years that I have been using insulin, I have made the “near fatal” mistake twice. I use Lantus and Apridra (5 units of Apidra before breakfast and lunch, and 8 units before dinner; 50 units of Lantus at bedtime). I realized what I had done after the fact and stayed up all night eating and monitoring. I was so scared each time I ate my blood sugar up to 300 mg/dl and 400 mg/dl!

I’ll be 86 this year and don’t see too well. I have taken a red pen since reading your article and have outlined the whole Apidra box and bottle. (The color comes off on my fingers, but that’s preferable to deadly mistakes.)

Again, thank you. I thought it was just me!

Mrs. Diane N. Sumner

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