Lantus Combined With Oral Meds Can Save Your Patients Money

For people with type 2, Lantus in combination with oral medications can be a cost-equivalent alternative to conventional insulin therapy.

Researchers at the University Clinic for Internal Medicine in Innsbruck, Austria, obtained data from a patient population of 678 patients with type 2. The patients were not able to adequately control their type 2 with oral medications alone. Patients received either Lantus in addition to oral therapy or were switched to conventional insulin therapy and were followed for two to four months.

The researchers say the two therapeutic regimens were equally effective in decreasing A1C. Total daily costs of insulin, needles, blood glucose-monitoring devices (such as meters and test strips) and oral meds per patient were similar in the two treatment groups, amounting in American dollars to about $2.31 per day in the Lantus group versus $2.41 per day in the conventional group.

“The two treatment regimens were equally effective in improving [blood glucose] control,” say the researchers. “These results were achieved with significantly lower insulin doses and fewer blood glucose test strips in the [Lantus] group, which therefore led to cost equivalence when compared with conventional insulin therapy.”

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, September 2005

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