Keeping Well With Diabetes

Most of the products reviewed in thiscolumn over the past few monthshave come from glucose meter and insulinpump manufacturers and from independentsoftware companies. This month, we will takea look at an offering from one of the majorinsulin manufacturers: Keeping Well WithDiabetes, a Web-based product from NovoNordisk.


The Web site is divided into several areas ofinterest: Education, Newsletter, Tools andNovoTrack.

The Education area contains information onnutrition, exercise, complications, medicationand other topics regarding diabetes andliving with it.

Newsletters will feature the latest newsletterfrom Novo Nordisk. Topics discussed includeMedicaid and diabetes, recipes, reports onnew types of treatments and much more.You may also look through the archives ofpast newsletters.

For Tools, you must first register to be able to fully use its functionality. Registration is simple and takes only a few minutes.Once you are registered, you can use theBlood Glucose Diary to keep track of yourblood glucose levels and identify anytrends that may indicate a need for changein your diabetes care regimen. You mayconfigure your target blood glucose levelsfor mealtimes, two hours after meals and atbedtime. As you enter your blood glucosedata, you can specify whether it is before ameal or after a meal.

Tools contains many other features, one ofwhich is the Menu Planner. It helps you toplan personalized seven-day menus. Theplanner will calculate single- or family-sizedrecipes.

The Food Exchange List accompanies theMenu Planner. It can be used to help you tofollow your meal plan, and it also gives youthe information you need to substitute onefood for another while still meeting yourcalorie and carbohydrate goals.

Another feature in the Tools area isMediReminder, which helps you follow yourprescribed treatment plan by remindingyou when it is time to refill your medication.Based on information that you supply, itwill send you an e-mail reminder when it istime to refill one or all of your medications.You control the reminder frequency andcustomize the medication information.

NovoTrack, is a self-paced, personalized home education and support programdesigned for people living with diabetes. Itwas developed to help you keep on trackwith your diabetes management and iscustomized specifically for your needs, basedon the answers you give when you register.

NovoTrack offers a combination of features,from the comprehensive educational Guideto Good Care to the informative PersonalScorecard. It tries to give you insight to helpyou be a better partner with your diabetescare team and help you make decisions thatare right for you. NovoTrack will let you keepa record of your diabetes goals, testing, A1Ctests, kidney tests, cholesterol, weight, footand eye health and more.


What does Keeping Well With Diabetes cost?Good news—it’s free! But you do have toregister to use the personalized features ofNovoTrack and the Blood Glucose Diary.

For more information,

Q. Will Keeping Well With Diabetes run ona Macintosh personal computer?

A. Yes. It requires only a Web browser. I ran it onWindows and Linux.

Q. Will Keeping Well With Diabetes download myblood glucose meter?

A. No.

Q. Is there any help available for using thisWeb site?

A. Yes. There is an area called Site Questionsthat will answer many user questions.

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