Kamaal and Malcom Washington Join the Joplin Relief Efforts

Comic book creators Kamaal and Malcom Washington are not planning to take it easy this summer. Ever since Kamaal’s diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in 2003, when he was nine years old, he has adopted the mantra, “I am not going to let diabetes overcome me. I am going to overcome diabetes.” His determination led to an idea to create comic books that would raise awareness about diabetes and help other kids feel less frightened. The comics chronicle the adventures of Omega Boy, a time-traveling superhero, and Mighty Boy, a modern-day crime fighter who also raises awareness about diabetes.

The brother’s success with comic books fueled their desire to continue spreading a message of hope, and their latest focus is the people in Joplin, Missouri, who are living with diabetes and struggling to get medical supplies. Their father, Alonzo, says that his sons came up with the concept after their experience helping victims of Hurricane Katrina. “They saw a young girl in need of insulin on the news during that storm, and she almost died until someone in the crowd produced some insulin,” he says.  “They are aware that most people don’t think about diabetes health aids during a crisis. Kamaal and Malcolm want to remind the public that millions suffer from diabetes and are in need of these supplies in Joplin.”

The supplies will either be sent to Joplin by a local charity organization or delivered personally by Kamaal and Malcolm. When they did this for the flood victims of Katrina, Alonzo says, the boys flew to the location with the support of Angel Flight. 

People who would like to donate to this campaign may send products or funds to:
Omega 7 Inc./Insulin for Joplin, 1925 North 83rd Terrace, Kansas City, KS 66112.

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