JoinLeeNow Fundraising Update

The JoinLeeNow campaign was launched bythe Iacocca Foundation, in partnership withMassachusetts General Hospital (MGH) tofund clinical trials of a potential cure for type1 diabetes. The trials are based on the workof Denise Faustman, MD, PhD, of the HarvardMedical School and MGH who has reversedand permanently cured type 1 diabetes inmice. The goal of the JoinLeeNow campaignis to raise the $11 million needed for the firstthree years of the research program to bringthis potential treatment to humans.

Progress Update

As of March 2005, over $2 million hasbeen raised for this research. The IacoccaFoundation has received more than 4,000letters and checks since launching thecampaign. In addition to Lee Iacocca’s initial$1 million challenge grant, JoinLeeNowhas seen an immensely positive responsefrom the public across the nation. Allfunds from the campaign go directly to Dr.Faustman for this research, and all expensesare underwritten by the Iacocca FamilyFoundation.

Highlights From JoinLeeNow Supporters

With the help of our terrific volunteers, weare well on our way to reaching our goal. Tohighlight just a few supporters across thecountry:

Thirteen-year-old Shelby Sprung from NewJersey, whose sister was diagnosed withtype 1 diabetes, asked for donations fromfriends and family who were celebrating herBat Mitzvah. She was able to raise and donatemore than $15,000.

Rhode Island resident Karl Smith, Jr., whohas been using insulin for an amazing 82years, sent in his check and wished Dr.Faustman luck. He received his first injectionin December 1922, and has been using insulinlonger than anyone in the world. He still playsgolf and tennis and rides a motorcycle.

Christina Smith of Missouri will host theBling Bling Fundraising Ball for Diabeteson April 2. The event will include a silentauction and special presentations byDr. Faustman and Mr. Iacocca. For moreinformation, call (660) 582-5958.

Jackie Fusco and Susan Root of Connecticuthave been working for more than a year toraise awareness and funds for the humanclinical trials. In September of 2004, theFusco and Root families launched 200 Miles forHuman Trials, a bike ride from Stamford,Connecticut, to the MGH research labin Boston. The three-and-a-half-day bike adventure raised more than $145,000. TheirSeptember 2005 bike ride will include participants from surrounding New England states. Riders willconverge at the MGH research lab as theirfinal destination. For more information,

Thank You

We are grateful to all of our volunteersfor their outstanding work. Currently, wehave volunteer groups forming in manystates. For information on helping withlocal efforts to raise money for thesetrials, or if you have other inquiries, pleasecontact Danielle Briscoe at (212) 255-5340or We arealso thankful to our partners, the MGHCure Diabetes Now Fund (Charlestown,Massachusetts) and Reach for the CureFoundation (Palm Dale, California), a WestCoast-based organization working to raise$1 million for these trials.

How Can I Help?

The cost of the first threeyears of clinical trials at MGHis estimated at $11 million.Your help is needed tosecure funding to take thispotential therapy to humantesting. Contribute to theJoinLeeNow campaign andsupport these efforts to finda cure for type 1 diabetes inhumans.

Donations may bemade over the Internet orby mail.

Internet: To make adonation over the Internet,please visit www.JoinLeeNow.organd click on “Donate Now.”

Mail: To mail your donation,please make checks payableto “Iacocca Foundation”and write “JoinLeeNow” inthe subject line. Send alldonations to:

The Iacocca Foundation
17 Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116

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