Job Discrimination For IDDM

A survey of 108 people with insulin-dependent diabetes reveals that 35 percent of those polled have experienced some form of job discrimination, including not being hired (18 percent), not receiving promotions (11 percent), and losing a job (17 percent). In addition, the study also attempted to assess the degree of job accomodation available to individuals with diabetes in order for them to adequately care for themselves. While the majority reported adequate worksite accomodations such as a convenient place to test their blood glucose levels and inject insulin, and adequate space to store their suplies, over half reported frequently delayed meals, and 26 percent said that they never test themselves at work.

While employment discrimination has been widely discussed in diabetes literature, job modifications have received less attention. Further, the findings of the study indicate that workers with diabetes continue to experience job discrimination, and that job accomodations are an important consideration in diabetes management.

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