Jet Injectors vs Needles

In a study published in The Diabetes Educator, May/June 1992, researchers conducted a survey to evaluate the opinions of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes concerning their use of jet injectors for insulin delivery. It was also the intent of the researchers to find out if the use of a jet injector affected the patient’s commitment to their treatment program.

Although 46% of the patients surveyed were no longer using the jet injector, 70% of the sample group preferred the jet injector for their insulin administration. Of those who quit using the injector, 50% of them did so because their injector was broken, 45% did so because they did not like the injector, and 5% were told by a medical professional to discontinue its use.

Regarding preference, 54% of the patients surveyed found the injector superior to the needle and syringe, 17% found it better, 15% said they did not like the injector, and 10% found the injector inferior to the needle and syringe method.

As a result of the survey, the researchers found that 84% of those using the injector took their insulin four times a day while only 26% of the needle and syringe users did the same. Of the patients surveyed, 59% felt that they could control their diabetes better with the jet injector.

The study found that use of the injector had beneficial effects on life-style management. 42% of those surveyed said that the injector was more convenient for administering insulin at work or at school than the conventional needle and syringe. 12% of the patients said they were less concerned about having low blood glucose with the injector. 30% reported less pain and discomfort, and 16% found taking insulin by jet injector more acceptable since there was no needle involved. 69% of the patients surveyed felt that the jet injector helped them to adhere to their diabetes regimen, and 85% said that cost was not a problem in obtaining one.

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