JDF Grants $10 Million to 8 Islet Centers Worldwide

The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF) has granted another $10 million for islet transplant research. The money will be divided among eight centers worldwide, linking the knowledge of the top islet scientists.

A major focus will be finding a way to create an ample supply of islets for transplantation into people with diabetes, perhaps the issue that most plagues islet research.

The $10 million provides for the establishment of a JDF Human Islet Distribution Program at these eight centers:

  • JDF Center for Islet Cell Transplantation at Harvard Medical School
  • Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami
  • Diabetes Institute of Immunology and transplantation at the University of Minnesota
  • Diabetes Research Training Center of Washington University
  • JDF Center for Human Islet Transplantation in Seattle
  • JDF/Medical Research Council Diabetes Research Network on Islet Transplantation at the University of Alberta
  • Beta Cell Transplant program at Vrije Universiteit in Brussels
  • University of Giessen, Germany

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