IUDs Are Safe For Women With Type1

A new study from Düsseldorf, Germany shows that modern IUDs (Intrauterine Devices) are as safe and effective in women with type I diabetes as in women without diabetes (from Diabetes Care, Sept. ’93). Concerns about IUDs in type I women arise from studies using older model devices which indicate a higher rate of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) than in nondiabetic women.

The study group consisted of more than 1200 women, 59 of whom had type I diabetes, and lasted for three years. The study used the CU Safe 300 copper-medicated IUD. The results of the study show little difference between the responses of women with and without diabetes, although researchers point out that minor differences may be undetectable due to the small number of type I participants. In other studies, copper-releasing IUDs have proven to be highly effective, offering excellent capacity for subsequent fertility, while only slightly increasing the risk of PID. In light of these findings, general objections to the use of modern IUDs in women with type I diabetes do not appear to be justified.

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