It’s World Diabetes Day!

What are you doing today to mark the occasion? I have an idea for something you might enjoy!

In honor of World Diabetes Day, I would like to invite you to become one of the voices of Diabetes Health‘s “everyday heroes” by contributing a video we can post on Diabetes Health TV.  What to put on your video? Simple: Just share your struggles and success with diabetes, or comment on what’s currently going on in the diabetes community.

We’re also looking for letters and essays. A subscriber to wrote in recently asking questions about other people with diabetes, wondering if they shared his symptoms. After exchanging a few emails with him, we decided to come up with an online column where people with diabetes share their different experiences with the disease: “Have You Noticed This About Your Diabetes?”

I was thinking about my brother who passed away last year from diabetes complications  (“An Unexpected Grief Down Under”). I miss him so much. But at the same time Jamal left us, I gained a grand nephew who resembles his grandfather in so many sweet ways.  Little baby Blair can give you a look that takes me back in time as if my brother were saying, “Look at what I am doing!” It’s a poignant moment when Blair sports one of his grandfather’s looks.

More recently, I met up with a friend who I had not seen since last Christmas.  At that time he had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I was happy to see that he now weighs less because of a new diet and weekly exercise program. His pre-diabetes diagnosis has also gone away. 

If you are new to Diabetes Health and would like to know more about our history,

we’ve just produced a 75-second video that tells our story, “Diabetes Health Magazine–How It All Began”

Let us know what you are thinking about in words or on a video. Send all submissions to [email protected]. In the subject line, please write something about what you are submitting.

I look forward to connecting more closely with all of you.

Nadia Al-Samarrie

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief


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