It’s Been A Very Big Year!

This past week I was in bed for two days with a severe cold, probably stress induced. Forced to rest, I had time to reflect on this past year. What a year-what a lot of stress! I think it has been the most event-filled year in my life. Below are a few of the major changes that have filled 1993.

The Baby Arrives

Early this year I experienced the birth of our first child, Spencer. He is now 7months old is an ever present and changing beloved challenge. He has totally changed my life. I had expectations of spending lots of time in nature, taking long walks with the stroller-Dad bonding with his son. What really happens is a little different. We don’t get very far without first gathering dozens of items. It takes about an hour just to get ready to go out for a walk.

Spencer’s bag needs the usual bottle of rice milk (we don’t give him cow’s milk because of the diabetes connection), banana, diapers, change of clothes, cap, wet wipes, several toys, teething ring or biscuit, spit up cloth; have I forgotten anything?

My bag has to have my meter, strips, extra lancets, napkin to blot blood (or I lick it off after lancing), two packs of dextro tabs, bottle of insulin, syringe, pump batteries, powerbar, checkbook and wallet. Just before we leave the house I change Spencer’s diaper and test my blood sugar. What ever happened to spontaneity?

A Moving Experience

Just two days after my dad passed away (See Nov.’s column), we moved to a new house. I didn’t plan enough help and did most of the carrying, loading & unloading myself. I had totally underestimated the amount of stuff we had collected over the past three years. We had to carry all the boxes and heavy furniture down three flights of stairs-talk about low blood sugar. I kept turning my pump down, but I still had many low blood sugars. I gave up and just kept my blood sugar above 160md/dl for the three days of moving to prevent hypoglycemia.

After it was all over I had this strange tingling sensation in my hands. Of course I suspected the onset of painful diabetic neuropathy. (See article Nov. page 1) I decided to go in for a body adjustment and the doctor found that I had a rib out of place. He suggested that carrying all the heavy furniture knocked my body out of alignment and the pressure was causing the tingling. Thankfully the tingling sensation is now gone, but we still have many unpacked boxes.

Grandmothers Abound

The most recent big event was having my mother move into an in-law unit down stairs. Having her live this close is a whole new experience. My wife’s mother is also staying with us for two weeks while she recovers from minor surgery. Both of Spencer’s Grandmothers have insulin controlled type 2 diabetes. I get regular reports about their blood sugar levels, what they ate and what happened. Mom had 2 bowls of cereal and milk for breakfast and then found her blood sugar had soared to 275! She’s telling me this as I run out the door to get to work. Nadia’s mom tested her blood sugar at breakfast and found it was 250. She tells me what she ate the night before and asks me how to get her sugar down. I explain to her that everyone is different, but one unit of Regular insulin can drop her anywhere from 25 to 50mg/dl and that she needs to find out through experimentation. She decides to start out conservatively and takes 3 extra units of Regular. Later she finds that her blood sugar is still 205. I have plenty to do to get my mother settled in San Francisco-finding a new doctor, etc. Did I mention that she has over a ton of boxes coming on a ship from Hawaii? She said it will only take four pickup loads to get it from the dock into our garage!

We’ve seen the birth of our first child, the death of my father, moving to a new house, my mom settling in down stairs, and two grandmothers in the house. WHEW-What a year!

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