It’s a Boy! It’s a Girl! It’s a Medical Grade Piglet!

Back in 2007, a gleaming porker barn, unlike anything ever before seen in the annals of pigsty architecture, began operations in western Wisconsin. Known as the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation Islet Resource Facility, the barn is operated by the Spring Point Project. The Project’s ultimate goal is to provide an unlimited supply of high-grade pig pancreatic islets for transplant into people with diabetes.

Now Spring Point Project, like a proud parent, is “pleased to announce” the birth of several litters of second-generation piglets, the first piglets suitable for actually donating islet cells. When clinical trials start, hopefully within a year and a half, Spring Point will provide the islets for transplant into patients. They fully expect that by using their islets, a cure for diabetes will be possible.

Unfortunately, raising these pristine piggies requires pork-barrel level spending. Even the air that they breathe must be filtered. To be precise, it costs fifty dollars a day to maintain a single porker in the manner to which it has become accustomed. Fortunately, however, you can help by “sponsoring a pig.”  To sponsor a pig of your own, visit

If enough people join the cause, maybe someday we’ll be able to change the old nursery rhyme to say, “This little piggie cured diabetes.” 

Source:  Spring Point Project

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