Is Mail Order the Right Option for You?

When it’s time to restock your diabetes medications and supplies, have you ever wished that you didn’t have to make that trip to the pharmacy? Wouldn’t you like to avoid the lines, the traffic or parking hassles, and having to find your prescription for the refill?

If so, you should consider using a mail order pharmacy for your diabetes supplies. With mail order, you can simply order your medications and supplies through the mail instead of going to the pharmacy. The mail order company will ship your order right to your door. In addition, many mail order companies also send reminders to their clients so that they are not burdened with having to remember to bring in a prescription for their refills.

Better Than Retail or Hospital Pharmacies

Mail order pharmacy staffs are usually more specialized than at most retail or hospital pharmacies, and they are well trained in and experienced with insurance reimbursement.

“We hear from our patients every day about how busy their lives are,” says Patrick Ryan, president and chief executive officer of PolyMedica Corporation, parent company of Liberty Medical, a leading provider of diabetes testing services and supplies. “They appreciate the personalized service and peace of mind they get from Liberty. They know that a Liberty representative will call to remind them to reorder their diabetes testing supplies. Those supplies will be delivered right to their door, and we will handle the claims forms. Our patients can live their lives and manage their condition—instead of their condition managing them.”

Many Other Benefits

Joel D. Shpigel, RPh, the CEO of Focus Express Mail Pharmacy in Horsham, Pennsylvania, says mail order is a great option if you are able to use the pharmacy of your choice. If you are able to compare pharmacies and pick a diabetes mail order pharmacy, Shpigel says there are many benefits:

  • Working with a specialist in diabetes who knows and cares about the problems involved and who also stocks everything that a person with diabetes would need.
  • Saving money—not only on cash items but on the initial outlay and reimbursement on insurance-reimbursed items.
  • Not having to wait in long lines at the pharmacy; not having to make a special trip in the car or on the bus, or to deal with traffic and parking.
  • Mail order pharmacies have a better inventory of diabetes items available.
  • Inventory is more consistent.
  • Less worrying about getting to the pharmacy on time, waiting for last month’s reimbursement to pay for this month’s order, and fighting with your insurer for reimbursement.
  • Getting meds and supplies sent to your home, office, summer or vacation residence, in any kind of weather, and with no delivery charges. To see if a mail order pharmacy is the right choice for you, take a look at our Mail Order Reference Guide.

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