Is Levemir the Better Basal Insulin? Researchers Think So

Compared with other basal insulins, Frenchresearchers suggest thatinsulin detemir (Levemir) mayoffer a “better reproducibility.”In addition, it may also reducethe risk of hypoglycemia andlead patients to titrate theirinsulin doses more easily.

Levemir is the latest basalinsulin to receive FDAapproval. In previous studies,the researchers say thatLevemir was associated with“significantly lesswithin-subjectsvariability for thepharmacodynamicendpoints thanboth NPH insulin and [Lantus].” They add,“Day-to-day within-subject variations in plasma glucosewere significantly lower with insulin detemir than withhuman NPH insulin.”

Similar results have been reported in patients with type 2.

“Nightly eight-hour plasma glucose recordings showeda smoother and more stable profile with insulin detemirthan with NPH insulin,” say the researchers. “In patients withtype 1 diabetes, the combination of insulin detemir withmealtime [NovoLog] provides a smoother and more stableprofile with lower postprandial plasma glucose levels thanthe combination of NPH insulin with regular human insulinbefore each meal.”

The risk of hypoglycemia was also significantly lower withLevemir than with NPH insulin.

Diabetes and Metabolism, September 2005

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