Is It Really Diabetes If You Don’t Have Complications?

I have been injecting insulin into my body since 1963, after an infection with a coxsackie virus (mumps) when I was nine years old. Admittedly, I am insulin-dependent. On the other hand, everyone is insulin-dependent. I just need to inject someone else’s insulin (insulin from E.coli in my case).

Sure, I need to inject insulin daily to stay alive. But I am now sixty-two years old, and I have none of the complications that are common to people diagnosed with “diabetes.” Consequently, I do not think that I am a “diabetic.” And I would like to find out how many other insulin-dependent folks out there are unusual in this manner.

I don’t mean to minimize the problems that affect so many who have the disease of diabetes. But I would like to know how many of us have the same condition that I do, a condition with a name that does not reflect the actual circumstances with which we are living.

Editor’s reply: I have never thought of it in this way. Thanks!

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