Introducing the Diabetes Health magazine Digital Advantage

Diabetes Health magazine, a leading and highly valued source for diabetes awareness and education, is doing its part to honor National Diabetes Month by offering (for a limited time) free subscriptions to its newly launched digital magazine, “Diabetes Health Digital Advantage™.”

“Our Launch has been timed to coincide with Diabetes Awareness Month, a perfect occasion to introduce our loyal readers and supportive professionals to Diabetes Health Digital Advantage™, with its feature-rich multimedia content,” says Scott King, Editor-in-Chief of Diabetes Health magazine.

“The diabetes industry is surging, and readers appreciate that we are now able to display our trusted and extensive content in a format where it can be accessed anytime and anywhere, through Diabetes Health Digital Advantage™.”

This online version of Diabetes Health magazine, virtually identical to the bi-monthly Diabetes Health print magazine, has many additional useful features. While the pages turn in a similar fashion to a magazine’s, direct hot links lead to research articles, products and advertiser sites. The free subscription is available by logging onto Diabetes Health Digital Advantage™ and signing up.

Leaders in the industry applaud “Diabetes Health Digital Advantage™” as one of the more innovative and creative resources available and commend it for its user-friendly convenience.