Intensive Wellness Approach Helps Type 2s Lower Drug Doses and Costs

A Florida-based endocrinologist and his team have reported that an intensive 16-week wellness program aimed at type 2 patients yielded some dramatic results: Patients were able to decrease their insulin by 46 percent and their oral medication by 12 percent.  They saw their 30-day prescription costs drop by an average of more than $140 per month, reduced their BMI by 3.07, and experienced a drop of 0.7% in their A1C.

The program, designed by John Gary Evans, MD, and his associates in Jacksonville, enrolled type 2 patients in an intensive course that covered nutrition, fitness, and behavior. Researchers monitored the patients’ weight, A1C levels, BMI, and diabetes medication usage.

Dr. Evans, who reported his findings in late May to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, said that the 16-week course gave patients enough time to absorb information and act on it, as well as receive reinforcement. The result, he said, was the notable improvements in various measurements recorded by the study.

Citing a November 2011 ruling by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid that intensive behavioral therapy for obesity is covered under some Medicare plans, Dr. Evans said that he hopes his program demonstrates the need for wellness training as a part of healthcare plans for all diabetes patients, regardless of weight.

Source: Diabetes in Control

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