Insulin Doser Called Easier to Use Than Vial

A Novo Nordisk-sponsored study demonstrated that eight out of 10 elderly people with diabetes who have visual and motor difficulties preferred the Novolin Innolet doser to vials and syringes.

“We found the majority of the patients could independently administer injections when using Novolin InnoLet,” says John J. Shelmet, MD, FACP, FACE, clinical assistant professor of medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine in Piscataway, New Jersey.

A total of 79 elderly people (average age 68.2 years) who required insulin therapy and had visual and/or motor disabilities were included. The participants were assigned to self-administer insulin therapy using either a vial and syringe or Novolin InnoLet for six weeks, then switched to the alternate treatment for six additional weeks.

Eighty-two percent of participants said they preferred using Novolin InnoLet, ten percent preferred the vial and syringe and eight percent reported no preference.

In addition, the study found that when using Novolin InnoLet 53 percent of participants did not require nursing assistance with insulin administration, compared to 20 percent when using a vial and syringe.

Blood glucose control did not change significantly during the study periods, nor were there any adverse events related to the delivery systems.

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