Insulin Detemir Beats NPH at Blood Glucose Control

Blood glucose control with detemir, a long-acting insulin analog, is better than NPH insulin.

Insulin detemir, manufactured by Novo Nordisk and expected to be a competitor with the long-acting insulin glargine (Lantus), was studied in 408 people with type 1 diabetes for 16 weeks. Insulin detemir was administered twice daily using two different regimens: either before breakfast and at bedtime, or at 12-hour intervals.

NPH insulin was administered before breakfast and at bedtime.

In all treatment groups rapid-acting insulin was administered at mealtimes.

With both detemir-treated groups, fasting blood glucose (BG) improved. The 12-hour-interval group’s BGs were 27 mg/dl lower than the NPH-treated group’s, and the before-breakfast and bedtime-determir group was 40 mg/dl lower than the NPH-treated group.

The risk of minor hypoglycemia was lower in both detemir-treated groups.

Diabetes Care, May 2004

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