Injecting Made Easy

On March 19, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved its Innovo “dial-a-dose” insulin-delivery device. The device is expected to be available for people with diabetes later this year.

The Innovo, according to Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, is the first of a new generation of insulin-injection systems. The unique features of Innovo offer benefits that differ from all other insulin-injection systems. In addition, the short and compact design makes it easy to inject insulin discretely. The built-in memory in Innovo electronically displays the dose amount and elapsed time since the last dose helping patients to better manage their insulin therapy.

Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, which is the U.S. affiliate of Novo Nordisk A/S, currently markets other insulin-delivery devices, which include the NovoPen3 and the disposable Novolin Prefilled. According to Novo, the Innovo will use Novo PenFill cartridges.

For more information, contact Novo Nordisk at (800) 727-6500, or log onto

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