Infopia USA’s Thermal Weight Scale

Infopia USA’s Eocene System is a diabetes management system with a data collection device that gathers data from a meter, blood pressure cuff, and a thermal scale. Readings are stored on Infopia’s network and available to you and your health team. See the video on Diabetes Health TV here.

Infopia was initially created in Korea in 1996 developing biosensor technology products including auto chemical analyzers, blood glucose monitoring systems and HBA1C measuring systems. Infopia has grown into a publically traded corporation exporting to over 40 countries worldwide. Infopia continues to expand its technology and product line to include heart disease diagnostic kits, cancer diagnosing and remote treatment systems to name a few.

Infopia expanded its business into the United States to provide their innovative product line to the rising amount of people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and other diseases. The advanced technology is a reflection of Infopia’s passion to not only be a successful venture company, but for our products to increase the quality of life. Tele-medicine and home patient monitoring is the future and will soon resonate throughout the world.

See the video on Diabetes Health TV here.

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