In Type 1 Diabetes, Fat May Lower Severity of Heart Disease

According to the Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes ComplicationsStudy, a sixteen-year examination of 225 type 1 patients, fat putsyou at greater risk of heart disease; once you do get heart disease,however, it's less severe.

When the researchers measured calcium build-up in the coronaryarteries that feed the heart (which reflects severity of heartdisease), they found that as body weight and fat increased, the riskof heart disease increased along with it. However, as the weight ofthe patients increased even more, the severity of the heart diseasedropped. The effect was even more pronounced in women.

The researchers speculated that the association of fat with lesssevere heart disease might reflect better control with insulin,which is sometimes correlated with weight gain. They pointed out,however, that weight gain is probably not a good idea and noted thattheir findings emphasize the complexity of the relationship betweendiabetes and heart disease.

Source: Medline Plus
University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences

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