Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina is being called the worst natural disaster to hit the United States since the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Thousands of people were left stranded without adequate food, shelter, water, and medical supplies. Many of these people were diabetics who are now forced to struggle with unspeakable conditions and a lack of medical supplies necessary for the control of their diabetes.

Many major pharmaceutical companies have already made contributions of money and diabetes supplies to the relief effort. One of our columnists and international diabetes advocate, Nicole Johnson-Baker, has played a big part in the relief effort by helping to form a coalition of companies that donated diabetes supplies.

Many generous supporters of this coalition include, Eli Lilly, Liberty Medical, Novo Nordisk, Aventis, dLife, Children with Diabetes, and Insulin for Life.

If you would like to make a donation to the relief effort, visit Children with Diabetes at, or the American Red Cross foundation at All donations are tax-deductible.

You do not have to be a large corporation to assist. One family located in Kansas City, Kansas, is doing their part to assist in the aid effort. Brothers Kamaal (11) and Malcolm (10) Washington, who are already active in diabetes advocacy by way of their comic book “Omega Boy,” have begun a mission to collect diabetes supplies for delivery to hurricane victims. Kamaal was diagnosed with type 1 during the fourth grade. During this time, he has spoken in front of Congress to let them know what it was like for a child to live with type 1 diabetes.

If you would like to assist the boys in their campaign, please send any diabetes products to:

Omega7 Inc.
Attn: Kamaal Washington
1925 North 83rd Terrace
Kansas City, Kansas, 66112

The boys will also accept cash donations in which they will in-turn buy diabetes products directly for the victims. Any donation over $20 will receive a free Omega Boy comic and trading card. Cash donations may be sent to:

Omega7 Inc.
P.O. Box 171046
Kansas City, KS. 66117

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