How to Build a Wrap or a Sandwich

Thanksgiving leftovers can bereheated and enjoyed in theiroriginal form, or you can createnew healthy recipes by mixingfoods with lots of vegetables.

Turkey (arguably the most popularThanksgiving food and leftover)can be made into interestingsalads, soups and tacos. Althoughquick-and-easy fresh turkeysandwiches are the most popularday-after delicacy, a turkey-vegetablewrap can save caloriesand carbohydrates dependingupon your choice of ingredients.You can eat a tortilla wrap like aburrito, starting at one end, or youcan cut it into individual spiral-shapedpieces.

You can also wrap some slicedturkey in a leaf of lettuce for adelicious low-calorie and low-carbtreat. Try it with some peanutsauce.

Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!

How to Build a Wrap or a Sandwich

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