How I Lost Twenty Pounds Eating a Freakish Diet

Everybody knows that to lose weight, you're supposed to practiceportion control, cut down on carbs and fat, and exercise to beat theband. Lifestyle change is the ticket, that's a general given. Butwhat about those of us who can't turn away from a portion no matterhow humongous it is?

I once ate an entire twenty-pound lug ofcherries in two days. What about those of us who take one bite ofice cream and then inevitably eat the whole carton? Or those of usfor whom exercise is limited to finding a hiding place to eat in?Sometimes people like us have to evolve our own diets, no matter howeccentric, before we can manage to lose any weight.

As for me, I clear the house of anything remotely edible (usually byeating it), and then I move onto my Balance Bar diet. I eat twoTrail Mix bars for breakfast with a lot of coffee. Then I eatanother one for lunch with a lot more coffee.

I have an apple forsnack to keep the doctor away, and then for dinner, I eat threefried eggs and an entire package of Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop. Not just plain, though-here's the key to the whole diet. I put thepopcorn into the bowl in three layers. I spray each layer withbutter-flavor Pam and then lay on salt and a thick powdering ofgranulated Splenda.

Then I eat the whole salty sugary concoctionmyself, and I top it off with a slightly melted fruit popsicle. Bythe time I'm done, my shirt is so covered with Splenda that I looklike Admiral Peary.

I generally practice this regimen on weekdays and then eat like aprize hog on the weekends. Obviously, it's a diet that would makeany nutritionist or dietitian have a stroke. But it works like acharm for me because it caters to my compulsion to eat the wholething, it gives me plenty of the sweet stuff I can't live without,and it allows for rampaging gluttony on the weekends. Altogether,it's perfect for me.

That's my story. You might have your own, and we want to hear aboutit. If you have a weird diet that's really worked for you, please give us the details by using the comments feature below. No dietitians allowed.

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