Home Temperature-Monitoring Device for the Diabetic Foot Now Available

Xilas Medical, Inc., of San Antonio, Texas, has announcedthat its TempTouch home infrared temperature probe isnow available to consumers who have been diagnosed withdiabetes and are susceptible to foot-related problems.

The TempTouch measures and monitors human skin surfacetemperature. The handheld monitoring device is portableand noninvasive.

“Now consumers can be empowered to monitor their owntemperature and take another step in the management oftheir disease,” says Don Lawson, CEO of Xilas Medical. “Our goal is to prevent diabetes-related amputations, which are a significant development for the millions of people who areaffected.”

Lawson adds that many diabetics lose sensation in theirfeet, which makes it difficult for them to feel inflammationor the beginnings of an ulcer. The TempTouch is a way forthem to easily test for potential problems and take action toprevent complications.

Xilas says that the TempTouch was clinicallytested in two trials sponsored by theNational Institutes of Health, and the studiesfound a 10-fold reduction in foot ulcers forpeople using the device.

In the United States, the TempTouch sells for$150 plus $14.95 for shipping and handling.

The device requires a doctor’s prescription.Consumers can obtain the necessary formby logging on to www.xilas.com/order. Thecompleted form can be sent by fax to Xilas’sorder department at (210) 692-1144.

For more information, call (210) 692-1114.

Source: Xilas Medical, Inc.

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