Holiday Season Suggestions for Managing the Munchies

Eat at regular mealtimes.

Grab a snack or quick meal before going shopping or to a party if it’s laterthan your usual dining time.

Serve ample fruit and vegetables atmeals. Holiday fare is often high in sugaryand fatty foods. Balance the office goodieswith plain, lower-calorie foods at home.

Minimize mealtime distractions.Eat at the dining table, turn off the TV, let the machine catch the phone calls and enjoy your meal.

Plan a month of meals to ease grocery shopping and meal preparations during busy December.

Consider using more convenienceor deli-prepared foods to save on mealprep at home. Submarine sandwiches, healthy frozen meals, pre-cut fresh fruits and vegetables and full meal replacements save time and help preserve family mealtimes.

Wait 10 to 15 minutes before givingin to between-meal cravings.

Q: Every holiday season, I am invited to a multitude of gatherings and celebrations. I always struggle to keep my blood glucose in a normal range duringthese times. Do you have any tips?

Hampered by the Holidays, Houston, Texas

A: Dear Hampered by the Holidays, You can avoid these holidaystruggles by planning to make wise choices at the gatheringsyou attend. Here are some tips to consider:

• Avoid attending a party whenyou are overly hungry.

• When you arrive at a party, lookfor the buffet table and socialize inan area away from the food.

• Offer to bring a dish to share.Fruit and vegetable trays are a welcome addition at a party. You might try making lower-sugar holiday favorites like sugar-freeribbon gelatin salad or Aunt Fanny’slower-sugar fudge.

• Sip on something calorie-free.

• Use a smaller plate.

• Stop eating when you feel full.

• Practice saying “no” to leftovers,second servings or desserts. Practicing saying “no” at home will help you prepare for well-meaning hosts who want to make sure noguest leaves hungry.

• Suggest a movie, hike, cross-country ski outing, concert or sporting event as an alternativeto a holiday cocktail party.

Visit Your Diabetes Team

If you tend to have blood glucose control or weightgain during the holiday season, consult yourdiabetes nurse, dietitian or physician to preparea wellness strategy. You may need to makeadjustments to your meal plan, activities ormedication during this time of year.

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