Holiday Gift Ideas for Insulin Pump Users

Need gift ideas? Holiday gift-giving can be a challenge. Some people like surprise gifts, some make “must have” or “wish” lists. I don’t always know what is on someone’s list, or if they would enjoy a surprise.

If you are an insulin pumper, put these on your holiday wish list. If you know a pumper, these are some good (and practical) gift ideas:

Test strips With all the holiday goodies being served, the pump user on your list will most likely be testing blood glucose levels more often this time of year.

Supplies can be expensive even if insurance covers most or part of the cost. What is the pumper’s preferred infusion set? Contact the pump manufacturer’s order department and arrange to pay for a box of infusion sets or syringes, cartridges or reservoirs.

New item(s) available at Pump Wear, Inc. (

Accessories Would the pump user appreciate a new pump case or holder with some fashion flair? You won’t find these at your local department store. A few online vendors carry a variety of pump cases to coordinate with a wardrobe or to perk up a child’s outlook.

Clothing Need ways to help your pumping friend secure or hide the pump? Look at the items available from Unique Accessories ( and Pump Wear (, (866) 470-PUMP). Shirts, undershirts, pajamas, lingerie, belt packs and jewelry are a few products they carry. Both companies sell items for children and adults.

Telephone card or cell phone These are useful in emergencies, for travel, or for teens who need to check in with parents on a regular basis.

Gift certificates If creative gift-giving is not your strong suit, don’t worry. Your gift recipient can use this ”wild card” gift for almost anything. It doesn’t have to be pump related.

Happy holidays to all!