High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Linked to Type 1 Kidney Disease

Everyone knows that elevated sugar levels and long-time type 1 diabetes are riskfactors for kidney disease. But now researchers have learned that high bloodpressure, high lipid levels, and male gender are also risk factors for renalfailure.

To discover this, Berlin researchers analyzed data from 27,805 patients who werediagnosed with diabetes at an average of ten years old and were last seen at anaverage of sixteen years old; all were followed for about two-and-a-half years. Most of the children ended up having normal urine test results, but 919 had lowlevels of protein in their urine, 78 had high levels of protein, and 203 hadend-stage renal disease.

Low levels of urine protein were associated with longerdiabetes duration and elevated glucose, as expected, but also with elevated LDL(bad) cholesterol and high blood pressure, as well as male gender. When theresearchers looked forty years into the future, their calculations told themthat a quarter of the children would eventually have protein in their urine and9.4 percent would have end stage kidney failure.

The researchers emphasized that based upon their findings, early detection andtreatment of high blood pressure and high cholesterol are mandatory for peoplewith type 1, no matter how young.

Sources: Reuters; Diabetes Care, November 2007

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