Hey Honey! A Sweet Healing Treatment for Diabetic Ulcers?

Dr. Jennifer Eddy of the University of Wisconsin is currentlyconducting the first randomized, double-blind controlled trial ofhoney as a treatment for diabetic ulcers – not to eat, but as a salve.

According to Dr. Eddy, honey's acidic nature, low water content, andthe hydrogen peroxide secreted by its naturally-occurring enzymesmake it perfect for combating organisms that have developedresistance to standard antibiotics.

All patients in the clinical trial will receive ulcer care andtreatment from an expert podiatrist. Half, however, will be randomlyassigned to receive honey salve, while the other half will betreated with a wound-care gel compounded to look and taste likehoney.

Dr. Eddy is convinced that if honey works, it'll be an inexpensivetool in the battle against bacteria resistant to standardantibiotics. However, she cautions against using honey salve withouta physician's involvement, noting that diabetic ulcers are toocomplicated to treat without a doctor's oversight (not to mentionthat you'd probably attract ants).

To be eligible for the study, patients must be older than 18, havediabetes and a sore below their knee, and not be taking prednisone.Interested patients may call (715) 855-5683 for further information.

Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison

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