Heritage Labs Debuts $19.95 Home A1c Test

Heritage Labs has introduced the Appraise® Home A1c Kit, a product that allows people with diabetes and pre-diabetes to measure their average blood glucose level over a three- or four-month period.

Users can take the test at home, then mail it to Heritage Labs’ headquarters in Kansas. They can request to have the results delivered to them online via a secured website or through the mail. Processing can take as few as three days.

The $19.95 FDA-approved kit is already available at Wal-Marts under the Reli-On A1c Test brand name and at Rite-Aid drugstores under the Appraise brand name.

The A1c (also known as glycated hemoglobin or HbA1c) test has become a staple measurement of the effectiveness of diabetes treatments. By looking at blood glucose levels over a several-month period, the test helps doctors, diabetes educators, and diabetics themselves ignore the distractions caused by sometimes dramatic spikes in daily blood sugar readings.